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Order processing times

Current Status:  Orders will be processed within 24-48 hours on business days, and shipped via Express Post.
Please allow a further 1-2 business days for in-house engraving.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Your order cannot be changed if it has been shipped or engraved. Call us on +61 2 7908 4208 for assistance.

I entered the wrong shipping address

If you entered the wrong address at the time of placing your order, please contact our Customer Support team immediately via email hello@kirstinash.com with your order number. Please take care when filling in your details, as we are unable to change a delivery address once an order has been shipped.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do offer gift cards in set amounts. They are valid for 3 years and are delivered directly to your email address and contain instructions on how to redeem the voucher at checkout. There are no additional processing fees, and they can be used over more than one transaction if desired. Gift cards are redeemable only on the respective website in with they are purchased from and are not redeemable for cash. https://au.kirstinash.com/products/gift-cards

How do I cancel my order?

For any order-related changes, please email or call our Customer Support team immediately at hello@kirstinash.com who will assist you with your request.


Where is Kirstin Ash Jewellery stocked?

We currently have stockists in Australia and New Zealand. Please refer to our Store Locator page to find your closest stockist. Unfortunately, we cannot inform you of the exact stock that our stockists currently hold. We would advise that you call the stockist directly for stock inquiries. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/store-locator


How do I process a return?

Returns must be lodged within 30 days of the purchase date for unworn jewellery that remains in original packaging. Your purchase can be returned for a store credit or a refund for all full-priced items that are unworn and in original condition. Please note: Due to hygienic reasons, earrings cannot be returned unless faulty.

Returns are not allowed for 'change of mind', unless you require an alternative ring size, in which case a store credit will be issued.

We do not accept returns on sale category items (this is excluding personal discount codes and site-wide promotions on full-priced items).

Purchases that have been engraved are final, returns cannot be accepted once the jewellery has been customised.

For more information and to lodge your return, please refer to the link to our Returns Page. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/returns


Does my piece come with warranty?

All jewellery pieces come with a 6-month warranty when accompanied by proof of purchase. All Solid jewellery is within warranty for 12 months. Solid Gold jewellery can be recognised by a stamp of 9k or 14k on the inside of the jewellery piece. This covers manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover accidental breakage and general wear and tear, such as scratched, tarnished, or faded jewellery. For more information, please refer to the link to our warranty page. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/warranty


Do you ship to PO BOX addresses?

We only ship to Australian PO BOX addresses. We do not ship to international PO BOX addresses. For other shipping inquiries please refer to the link to our Shipping page. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/shipping

Do you ship globally?

We ship worldwide with some exclusions. Please ensure you are on the correct website for your region for up to date shipping information. If you are on the wrong website a pop-up function will appear which will lead you to the right site for you.


Do you offer gift wrapping?

All our products are presented and assembled in a Kirstin Ash gift box. If you have a gift message, comment, or special request, please ensure to include it in the 'ADD GIFT MESSAGE OR ORDER REQUEST ' section in the shopping cart preview pane when you add your items to your cart and our team will do their best to accommodate.

How will my order be packaged?

Environmentally friendly, conscious decisions are part of our sustainability journey. Your new jewellery comes home to you in a 100% recycled card and paper box. Each box uses eco-friendly inks and features a matte aesthetic; while our soft, reusable vegan suede travel pouch is designed to carry and protect your pieces. For those special pieces that deserve a little extra love, our luxurious, solid boxes are also reusable and made from vegan suede. Within our jewellery boxes comes an anti-tarnishing tab to help protect your jewellery on its journey to its new home.


What can I have engraved on the jewellery?

To include an engraving, please select 'Engrave Me' on the product page of the jewellery item you are interested in. You can engrave your jewellery with text, coordinates, dates, and a selection of symbols. There are two types of fonts for engravings, 'Script' and 'Roman'. When selecting your engraving, be sure to also include your preferred position i.e., 'centre', or ‘curved’. A preview of your engraving will appear for you to approve before ordering. For more inspiration on engravings, please visit our website and browse our Engravable range: https://au.kirstinash.com/collections/engravable

Is there a cost to have your piece engraved?

No, there is no additional fee for engravings. This is a complimentary service which is included with eligible pieces.

Can I return a piece that has been engraved?

Once your order has been placed and processed, all engaging items are final. If you are wanting to change your engraving message, please call our customer support team as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to change your engraving message as our in-house engraving team are very efficient. Please double-check your engraving message, a preview of your engraving will appear for you to approve before ordering. Purchases that have been engraved are final, returns cannot be accepted once the jewellery has been customised unless deemed faulty.

How long will my engraving take?

Engraved orders are processed by our team at our Sydney-based studio. Please allow an extra 1-2 business days for these to be shipped. During sales and peak Christmas periods engraved items can take a longer dispatch time. Please see our shipping page for up-to-date shipping times. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/shipping


What are opals and how do I care for them?

Forming from water and silicon dioxide, opals are multi-coloured semi-precious stones. We recommend not wearing your opal jewellery while sleeping, swimming, showering, or exercising. Hot water, chemicals and salt can damage opals which can cause them to crack and lose their lustre. Use a soft cloth to gently buff the surface of the opal to clean any dirt build-up.

How do I care for pearls and semi-precious stones?

At Kirstin Ash, we use a variety of semi-precious stones and pearls, such as white topaz, moonstone, clear quartz, and citrine. Pearls form in natural shapes and sizes. Pearls can be vulnerable to many chemicals found in beauty products such as make-up, hair conditioners, perfumes, moisturisers etc. To clean semi-precious stones and pearls, use lukewarm water, gentle soap, and a soft cloth to gently buff away at the stone or pearl. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

What are topaz stones and how do I care for them?

Topaz stones are a beautiful semi-precious stone that can come in a variety of different colours. They are formed from a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine. White Topaz stones feature in a range of our pieces. To clean topaz stones, use warm water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush to gently buff away at the stone, dipping it in and out of the warm soapy water. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Where do your diamonds come from?

When sourcing our diamonds, our suppliers adopt the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and World Diamond Council System of Warranties. This guarantees that the diamonds have been sourced from conflict-free areas and are in conformance with United Nations resolutions. You can find more information about the Kimberley Process here: https://www.kimberleyprocess.com/

What is solid gold jewellery?

At Kirstin Ash, we use 9k gold, 14k gold, and sterling silver in our Solid Collections. 9k gold comprises of 37.50% gold and 14k comprises of 58.33% gold. With gold being soft and malleable a small amount of other metals are added to solid gold to give it stronger integrity. Our solid jewellery is allergen and nickel free.

What does gold vermeil mean?

Gold vermeil is a historical French plating method, that uses a higher percentage of gold for the plating. For a jewellery item to be classified as having a gold vermeil finish, it must have a 2.5 microns thickness of gold/rose gold. Many of our pieces at Kirstin Ash are made with the vermeil plating technique, giving our pieces the highest quality plating. This will be clearly outlined on the product page of each individual piece.

Are your earrings nickel free?

Although our jewellery does not contain nickel, traces of it may exist due to machinery, and cross-contamination during the production process. Please contact our Customer Support team if you experience a reaction within the first few wears, and they will be able to assist you further.

What does gold plating mean?

Gold plating means that a light layer of gold (0.05% or less) is plated on top of a base metal, usually sterling silver, or brass, this then creates gold-plated jewellery. The way that this is measured is through the term Microns, the thickness of gold. At Kirstin Ash, we pride ourselves on quality, we therefore use a higher amount of gold plating than the industry standard.

Care Guide

How do I clean my jewellery?

An easy at home cleaning method for your sterling silver 925 and solid gold jewellery is to soak the piece in warm soapy water and gently use a very soft toothbrush to buff over the piece. Pat dry with a soft cloth, then polish with a jewellery polishing cloth. A polishing cloth helps to remove any built-up tarnish or dirt. It also aids in the reduction of minor scratches caused by normal wear.

Pieces that are gold or rose gold plated should be cleaned gently with a dry soft polishing cloth. Neither tissue paper nor paper towels should be used. Please keep in mind that the top metal on all plated jewellery will wear away over time.

Take extra care when cleaning pieces with gemstones or pearls as they can be vulnerable to many chemicals found in beauty products such as make-up, hair conditioners, perfumes, moisturises etc. To clean semi-precious stones and pearls, use luke warm water, gentle soap, and soft cloth to gently buff away at the stone or pearl. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

Storing your jewellery

We recommend storing your Kirstin Ash pieces in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Humidity and heat may cause tarnishing over time. The best place to store your jewellery is in a jewellery box. Anti-tarnish tabs are included inside all KA pouches to help protect your jewellery on its journey to its new home. While our environmentally friendly KA boxes are made from recycled card and paper, they can sometimes hold onto the humidity in the air which can lead to tarnishing. Once you receive your purchase, we strongly recommend relocating your new pieces to a ventilated jewellery box.

Can I swim while wearing my jewellery?

We recommend taking your jewellery off while swimming, sleeping, showering, and bathing, as the salt, creams and washing products can damage the surface of your jewellery. Avoiding contact with strong chemicals, cleaning products, water, creams, and perfumes will also help the longevity of your jewellery. Exposure to these can hasten tarnishing and wear away the top layer of plated jewellery.

My jewellery has turned black

Some perspiration and body oils can be more acidic than others, which can sometimes cause the metal of your jewellery to discolour or oxidise quicker. To help this process slow down, we recommend taking your jewellery off while sleeping, exercising, showering, and swimming.

If your jewellery has started to tarnish, we recommend using a jewellery polishing cloth for Sterling Silver and Solid Gold pieces and a jewellery cleaning solution for Gold Plated items.

Can I exercise while wearing my jewellery?

We advise that you remove your jewellery before exercising. Sweat can speed up the tarnishing process and wear away the top layer of plated jewellery. Solid gold and sterling silver are malleable metals; therefore, we recommend you remove your jewellery before engaging in heavy-handed activities where they could be knocked or bumped, as it will impact the structural integrity of your piece.


Do you repair jewellery?

We currently do not offer a jewellery repair service. If your jewellery piece has broken, please refer to our warranty policy and contact our Customer Support team. If another jeweller undertakes work on one of our pieces, including resizing or repairs, our warranty will be voided.

Do you make custom made jewellery?

Unfortunately, we do not make custom jewellery. If you have a specific design in mind, or would like something re-plated or re-sized, we recommend seeking a professional jeweller that makes hand-made jewellery. If another jeweller does undertake work on one of our pieces, including resizing or repairs, our warranty will be voided.

The item I would like to purchase is out of stock

If there is an item that you would like to purchase but is currently out of stock, please click the ‘notify me’ button and enter your email address. You will be notified by email when the product comes back in stock.

What necklace length is right for me?

The majority of our necklaces are designed to be our standard adjustable size of 15”-17”. Use the guide linked below to help determine your perfect size, along with creating a layered look with multiple styles.

View necklace size chart here.

What are your sustainability and ethical values?

From our manufacturing processes and environmental impact to social change, we are committed to our sustainability journey which is constantly evolving. Our practices include changes to our packaging, production, the materials we use and the workflow within our studio. For more information, please refer to our Sustainability page. https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/sustainability

I’m not sure what ring size I am?

To find the perfect fit we recommend measuring either the circumference of your finger or the diameter of a ring you already have. The best way to accurately measure the circumference is to wrap a piece of string around your finger and measure the length in mm.

I lost the back of my earring

Please contact our Customer Support team and they will be able to assist you. Over time, butterfly earring backs can loosen from general wear and the constant pulling on-and-off on the earring post. If you can feel it is becoming loose, we recommend slightly tightening your earring backings to increase the friction on the post. This can be done by gentle pressing the two curled bits of metal together.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. As well as AfterPay and Klarna for our Australian customers and Laybuy for New Zealand customers. ClearPay is also available for our UK customers. Read more about the Terms and Conditions for Afterpay, https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/afterpay and Klarna https://au.kirstinash.com/pages/klarna-faqs.

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