Our Materials

Kirstin Ash is committed to using premium materials for long-lasting wear.
Our designs are produced using high-quality, ethically sourced, conflict-free materials. We are careful to work closely with suppliers to ensure ethical working conditions and responsible practices at every step in our supply chain, from source to your door. You’ll find a number of different metals, finishes and stones in our collection; 

18K Gold Vermeil

Superior to Gold Plating, Gold Vermeil (pronounced ‘ver-may’), is a premium plating technique using a 925 sterling silver base and a thick 18k gold layer of 2.5 microns. A luxe, long-lasting plated finish designed to endure everyday wear. To compare, most 18K gold plated jewellery is between 0.8-1 microns, with fast fashion as low as 0.03 microns.


18K Gold Plate

Our 18k gold plate pieces use a sterling silver base, with a gold layer of 1.5-2 microns, which is above the industry standard. Our statement jewellery is occasionally made with a brass base ~ a lighter weight option, which makes for a better wearer experience. It also allows us to keep these larger pieces at an affordable price point. Gold plating is an affordable alternative to gold vermeil while still providing a durable and long-lasting finish with proper care.


9K & 14K Solid Gold

Our solid gold pieces come in 9K or 14K. They are responsibly sourced from ethical conflict-free sources. Owing to higher percentages of alloyed metals, these designs are durable, long-lasting and can be worn in the elements. They are perfect for everyday, long-term wear, although as with all jewellery, they must be cared for and cleaned regularly.


925 Sterling Silver

Our Silver designs are composed using 925 Sterling Silver ~ a beautiful durable metal, and a great hypoallergenic jewellery option. Each piece is stamped and hallmarked.



Our design and quality control teams take care to ensure we use semi-precious gems. As they are natural, they are each unique and entirely individual so you will occasionally see a little variety in tone and finish. We believe this adds to their beauty.



Our cultured pearls come from freshwater oysters, and throughout the sorting process we ensure our suppliers use each pearl regardless of shape or size; as well as helping to avoid unnecessary waste, it certifies an individuality to each piece.



When sourcing our diamonds, our suppliers adopt the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties. This guarantees that the diamonds have been sourced from conflict-free areas and are in conformance with United Nations resolutions.